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6 Latino Gift Ideas for your Friends in New Zealand

We know how much your Latin friends mean to you and how hard may be to find the perfect gift for them either on their birthdays, holidays or national celebration of their native lands. Don't worry, we got you!

We have selected 6 products and combos that may also work as a quick gift ideas because of its product presentation and the fast delivery that Latino Foods offers. Keep in mind that many of these options are useful no matter the age or gender of your friend since flavor and likes are universal for Latinos!

1. Latino Backpack

A uniquely designed backpack adorned with vibrant Latino slangs and common phrases – a true representation of their colorful culture! You know how important is for Latinos to have their culture around their lives. This backpack is more than just an accessory. It's a connection to their roots, a way to carry a piece of their heritage wherever they go. These backpacks are designed to evoke memories of Latin America and spread joy to everyone who sees them.

2. Books in Spanish

Is it the child's birthday of your Latino friends and don't know what to get them? It would be awesome if you'd get them the tools to improve their Spanish with illustrative and full of knowledge books in Spanish!

spanish books in new zealand

Their Latino parents will appreciate such a thoughtful and beautiful present. Check all of our Books in Spanish on our Books Collection.

3. Colombian Juan Valdez Coffee Gift Pack

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover friend of yours, this Gift Pack may be what you are looking for. This gift pack includes a 454g coffee bag of your choice and a traditional coffee mug!

4. Tromen Pampeana Gourmet Grill

For Latinos, grilled meat makes any day a good day and it's the perfect dish for almost every holiday. There's nothing more that would make happy your Latino friend than a gourmet grill with their native land flavor.

5. Latino Liquor! The Incredible Flavor of Argentine Wines

There are options for all ages in this blog! But this one is only for +18. Why don't you gift a nice and strong alcoholic beverage from Latinoamerica? Argentine wine is always a good option for a present for your Latino friend.

Would you like to select something for another country? In Latino Liquor you will find all kinds of liquors like Colombia's national alcoholic beverage: Aguardiente, the #1 brand of Rum: Ron Viejo de Caldas, and of course, Pisco, Tequila, Mexican beers, and more!

Argentine wine

6. Latino Foods Gift Card

If you are the "I don't wanna mess it up" kind of person, there's also an option for you: e-gift Cards. The best choice you can make, because you don't have to make any, just let your friends choose whatever they feel like having! And what can a Latino want more than LATINO FOODS? Get them an eGift Card here.

latino food egift card new zealand

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