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The Lord of the Soaps (Jabon Rey)

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

New Zealanders have 'The Lord of The Rings' we have the King and Lord of the Soaps.

This unique soap became part of the traditional products in Colombia and is well known from the young kids to the grandparents. You can find it in many Colombian homes around New Zealand.

Jabón Rey in New Zealand

And... believe it or not, this soap is used for much more than simply doing the laundry. Over the last 70 years of existing, many different uses have emerged, and in this post we are compiling the most interesting ones.

Disclaimer: In this article, we are showing some non-conventional ways to use the 'Jabón Rey' But this product is laundry soap, we are not recommending to use it in any other way.

Have you heard about these uses of the Jabón Rey?

1) Shine the kitchen pots:

It is well known that this soap works great for washing metal pots and it helps leave them shiny as new.

2) Cleaning your shoes:

We know that keeping one’s shoes clean is very important, and this incredible soap can do just that for you! Just try it and you will see; they will look just as new.

Mostly white shoes! Try it!

Cleaning white shoes with Jabón Rey

3) Washing white clothes:

Of course, this soap works very well for washing white clothes. People say 'Nothing leaves it as white/clean as the Jabon Rey'

4) Hair care:

With this product, your hair can increase shine, grow, and prevent hair loss (not so true tho). It is said to also remove dandruff and even help to get rid of lice. And of course, it is also the principal ingredients for Punk-Rock Hairstyles

5) Pet Bath:

Many Colombians use Rey soap to bathe the dog, cat or even horses! This provides them with good shine in the hair and also helps remove fleas and ticks.

6) Giant bubbles:

Yes, that’s right! If you want to take your bubble game experience to the next level, try to use Rey soap and you will see the difference.

7) Shine your house’s floor:

If you want to have shine and clean floors, this product will give you just that.

8) Good Luck?

There are families who have Jabon Rey in their houses, not only for cleaning clothes but cleaning bad energies and bringing good luck to their homes.

Do you use the Jabon Rey in Any other Way?

Please comment this post so we can add more ways to use Jabon Rey.

And if you are Colombian living in New Zealand, Jabon Rey at home is a 'Must Have'. You can always order it here:

Jabon Rey in New Zealand

Also, see this interesting Video about the Jabon Rey

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