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Unique Snack from Colombia 100% Natural

'Achiras' are a unique/endemic snack made in Huila, Colombia. It came from a Family tradition of our Inca and Chibchas ancestors. The base ingredient It is actually a tuber that occurs in the mountains of this department, in the mild climate. We are importing a Premium version Achiras Mauka”: The base ingredient are Andean tubers and seeds, native, healthy and superfoods.

Therefore, is you want to try an unique tasty snack, healthy supperfoods, natural and Gluten Free? Try Colombian Achiras, it is delicious!

Gluten free snacks in new zealand
Gluten Free Snacks


• Gluten free

• Sugar free

• Achira Tuber / 100% Achira

• Low calories

• High protein / 5g Natural Protein

• Natural approved by FDA Chia seeds

We are importing to New Zealand 2 Types of Achiras

Achira flower in new zealand, colombian food

Traditional Achira

Achira tuber: high protein content, sugar free, suitable for diabetics, gluten free and low calorie. Base ingredient its tuber from an 'Achira' Flower in Colombia. you can Buy online, we delivery anywhere in New Zealand:

Achira chia from colombia in new zealand

Achira Chia Seeds

Chia seeds: High content of fatty acids such as omega 369, high protein content and a feeling of fullness. This Achira type uses seeds from the Chia flower. You can buy online, we delivery anywhere in New Zealand:

Corporate Video of Achira Mauka Producers in Colombia:

Thank you for reading! :D

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