The origin of mate dates back to the Guarani natives, they used the leaves of the tree as a drink, an object of worship and a currency of exchange with other peoples. During the long journeys through the jungle, the conquerors noticed that the Guarani had greater resistance after taking this sacred drink.


The no-stems option of mates is generally more popular in Uruguay and Brazil. If green or herbal teas are your thing, then the milder tones of a Con Palos (with stems) variety might be more palatable.


Blends without stems are stronger in flavor and generally have more bitterness.


When prepared traditionally in a gourd the choice between stems or no stems is purely a matter of personal preference. It is worth noticing however that blends with stems tend to be a little more forgiving to the beginner, as the yerba is generally cut a little bit coarser, meaning it is less likely to clog the bombilla (metal straw).


Playadito Mate

Its smooth and long-lasting flavor has followers in any corner of the country and the world! Now including New Zealand.


To achieve this no-stems Playadito, the sticks that make up the yerba mate are separated and then only the leaves are ground and packed. The result? Intense and long-lasting flavor!


Product made from raw materials originating in the North of Corrientes and Misiones, from which the sticks that made up the yerba mate canchada (raw material) are separated by shaking, to grind and pack the leaves.


This product has a lower powder content than yerba mate with stems. The flavor is more intense  and long-lasting than the traditional one since the aqueous extract of yerba mate comes from the leaf.

Yerba Mate Playadito Traditional without Stems - 500g

  • 28-Jan-23

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