Yerba Mate is obtained from a natural plant with unmatched flavor and remarkable qualities, called Ilex paraguariensis. Its dried, slightly toasted, and crumbled leaves combined (or not) with small fragments of dry branches, give way to the Yerba Mate ROSAMONTE, which maintains a harmonious selection, grinding and seasoning process, thus obtaining the balanced flavor that characterizes it.


This soft presentation has a delicious taste since the first suction of the mate, so you won’t have to refill your gourd as usual and you can get it now in New Zealand, thanks to Latino Foods that imports it directly from Argentina!


The infusion of yerba mate leaves has energizing and toning properties, providing a feeling of fullness, and being used to help with weight loss.


Yerba Mate with Stems


Gluten free

Yerba Mate Rosamonte Suave - 1kg

  • 1-Aug-22

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