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Colombians put cheese in hot chocolate... and more!

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

There is nothing better than a hot and delicious drink for Winter season, and the Colombian Hot Chocolate is a Must-Try!. It is a tasty and delightful option to keep you warm.

... if you are not Colombian you might find the following photo a bit odd, but yes, we do that!... it's delicious! and you should try it:

Colombian adding Mozzarella Cheese to hot chocolate
The Colombian Way: Add Mozzarella Cheese in your Hot Chocolate Drink

chocolate benefits in new zealand

Chocolate is a very common and healthy option to drink at breakfast or to join with a snack in the afternoon. Being cacao-based, drinking this delicious beverage brings some benefits such as an antioxidant effect, decreasing blood pressure, improving the mood due to the increase of endorphins, among others great benefits for your health!

This drink is very versatile and although is mostly drank in hot milk which results in a wonderful flavour, there are different and curious recipes you can try at home. You can get really creative when using it in the kitchen! Here some ideas:

1- The Colombian Way: Melt Cheese in your the hot chocolate!

The traditional Colombian way of drinking hot chocolate is putting cheese into the cup of hot chocolate, so it melts, and it stretches in a delicious way that is very provocative, check it out!

2- Chocolate and strawberries with cream

Chocolate and strawberries with cream in new zealand

Add in the blender 1 cup of hot milk with some chocolate and 3 strawberries, liquify a little this mix and then serve this drink with some whipped cream and some pieces of strawberries and finally enjoy!

3- Andean chocolate (Chocolate with Achiras)

Andean Chocolate with Achiras in new zealand

Liquify a cup of hot milk with a single tablet of chocolate, and after serving it add some achiras and cheese. Enjoy a perfect snack for cold mornings and nights!

4- Herbal chocolate

Herbal corona Chocolate from Colombia in New Zealand

On a cup of milk on the oven at low fire, add a branch of fresh rosemary so the milk can take its flavour and then draw it out. Add a tablet of chocolate to the hot milk and mix it a little till the chocolate melt completely. Serve it adding a pinch of salt and mix it one last time.

Remember that the chocolate tablets are not like the sweet chocolate you give on Valentine's, this table chocolate it is bitter and you have to melt it in water or milk

You can order Colombian Hot Chocolate in our online store! We have 3 options for you:

Thanks for reading!


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