Everything you need to know about Yerba Mate

You sure must’ve heard of an Argentinian drink that could replace coffee or tea, and now you are in the right place! This drink is, of course, Yerba Mate. It is a drink that has been around for centuries. An experience among families and friends in South America, exactly in countries like Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil.

Everything you need to know about Yerba Mate

Mate is traditionally consumed with a mate (confusing, but you also call the cup you drink it out of a “Mate”), a bombilla (filtered metal or bamboo straw), and hot water. So… If a friend tells you:

“Hey mate, just bought a mate for yerba mate, are you in, mate?” Now you will understand what he means, mate! Let's go through some facts about this traditional south-American beverage.

Origin of Yerba Mate

This beverage is a legacy of the Guarani people. Guaraní people are for them, what Maori people are for us, the most important native culture of our region.

Origin of Yerba Mate LatinoFoods

The Guarani are a very spiritual people and most communities have a religious leader, or shaman, who is also an important social figure, who use this herb as an essential ingredient in their rituals.

Native to present-day Paraguay, the Guaraní people first discovered and consumed this drink from the plant, drinking it hot or cold from the nearest river. The Jesuits learned the benefits of Yerba Mate (known as ka’a in the Guaraní language) through the Guaraní people and domesticated the plant into what it is largely known for today. Because of this happening, the mate was once known as the “jesuit tea”.

How to drink yerba mate? Drink it either hot or cold! (Terere)

Everything you need to know about Yerba Mate

Although the most common way of drinking yerba mate is hot, Terere </