Kraus’s Yerba Mate is made by a unique drying system, created and implemented by Juan Ángel Kraus, a system that has a flow of hot air produced by indirect heat from a boiler. In this way, it obtains a smoke-free product, with a mild taste and a delicate aroma.


This brand produces its Yerba Mate in an agro-ecological and organic way, without using agrochemicals promoting biodiversity in their crops and natural processes such as pest control and nutrient recycling.


About Kraus

Kraus is a small family business that has been producing certified organic yerba mate and tea in the Province of Misiones for more than 40 years. It currently exports to more than 10 countries around the world, and it has finally arrived in New Zealand thanks to Latino Foods that brings this exceptional Mate flavor directly from Argentina!

Yerba Mate Kraus Organic - 500g

  • 1-Jun-23

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