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Arepa de Huevo Recipe (Arepa Stuffed with Egg)

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

If you are wondering what to do with Harina PAN in New Zealand, the famous arepa has more than one way to be prepared! This fabulous Latin American dish has a lot of variations and ways to be prepared, depending on the type of cornstarch to the ingredients that you may add to the preparation.

Today we bring you the speciality of the Caribbean and Pacific shores of Colombia: Arepas de Huevo! A perfect breakfast option or a snack that everybody loves that consists in frying a common arepa and stuffing an egg inside of it.


  • 2 cups of Harina PAN cornflour

  • 3 cups of water

  • Salt

  • Eggs

  • Oil


1. The first thing to do when doing Arepas de Huevo is to heat the water a little. The water shouldn't be boiling, just a little warmer than usual so after kneading the consistency is a desirable one.

2. Add the pre-heated water to a bowl, along with all the cornflour and salt to taste and start kneading the ingredients until the mass has a soft but firm texture.

Note: You may or may not need the same amount of water, our measure is just a recommendation but feel free to add as much as you need if the mass is too dry.

Make the Arepas

3. Make medium balls as shown in the photograph.

4. Crush the balls forming the arepas, you can do it with your hands or help yourself with a plate. The idea is that they have the shape that is seen in the photograph.

5. Start heating a considerable amount of oil in a big cooking pot where the arepas can fit and submerge.

6. Fry the previously-made arepas until they fluff up and take them off the hot oil.

colombian arepas

7. With some knife's help, make a little hole on the side of the arepas, add a raw egg right through it and close the gap with a little bit of mass.

8. Put the arepa in the oil again so it can finish frying and the egg cooks itself.

9. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with some Arepas de Huevo!

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Thanks for Reading!

Latino Foods Team

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